Start A Trail
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Thinkin' About Starting A Trail?

Start A Trail

Fern Ridge Lake — Veneta, OR

We like to call it a "Trail-in-a-Box," a process for organizing agricultural producers, entertainment farms, rural entrepreneurs, and the small family farm into friendly tours of country retailers so that they may claim a sustainable rural lifestyle. With our system, trails are up and running within a matter of weeks.

What you get as a trail member: 

  • An online store on our highly optimized website.
  • Inclusion on our online map
  • Inclusion in your trail brochure
  • Opportunities to participate in trail festivals and events
  • Cross promotion of your products with over 200 other trail members
  • Directional road signs for your trail
  • Publicity via Twitter and Facebook
  • Press Releases for your events
  • Oregon Country Trail Newsletter
  • Your events posted on the website
  • Cost for 2011:  $125/a year.  (or just $10 a month!!)

It's Easy.

  1. Gather a group of at least 10 rural neighbors who produce or want to produce products from their country lifestyle, either through agriculture, farming, art, or any other endeavor.
  2. Choose a nearby location for your meetings, preferably a grange hall, a school, a deli, or a neighbor with an indoor space who is willing to be the heart of your trail.
  3. Invite us at 541-998-2828 to attend your meeting, present the concept of Oregon Country Trails, answer your questions, help envision your geographical design, brochures, and website.
  4. You elect a Trail Boss.
  5. And that's it. You are a member of Oregon's only, branded, agri-tourism system.  Welcome to the Trails!

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